We’re in the homestretch to Summer Break which means it’s time to FOCUS! Here is a list of tips to keep you zoned in on finishing strong this semester:

1 – Stick to a sleep schedule. Good rest is key to peak performance
2 – Lean on your friends for support. Creating a group who encourages and allows you to vent will help foster a prodcutive environment
3 – Plan downtime. Make sure you are take a breather on a regular basis. Hours in front of your laptop without breaks will burn you out
4 – Organize study groups to avoid procrastination
5 – Ask for help. If you are falling behind in a class and you can’t figure out why, seek a tutor. There’s enough time left this semester to turn things around
6 – Regroup in the gym. Exercise is a great escape from every day life. Even 20 minutes outside or in the gym will help reset your brain so you can come back stronger
7 – Dream. Setting the goal for a Summer vacation is a great way to push through the semester to get to the prize. Start settinng your sites on something amazing now!

No matter how you choose to push through the semester, just remember we’re all in this together. Stop by the office today if you need a pick me up from the staff. We’re always up to make some new friends!