The beauty in the month of May is not just the small changes that let you know Spring is almost over and Summer is right around the corner, but also all the different days you should add to your calendar to celebrate. There are many different occasions worth mentioning that happen within the 31 days of May, but listed below are a few of our favorites and why:

May Day- celebrated on May 1st, is a different celebration depending on where you are in the world on that day. No matter where you are though, use this day to take a moment to smell the flowers blooming around you and enjoy the changing scenery!

Cinco de Mayo- celebrated on May 5th, not to be confused with the celebration of Mexican Independence which is celebrated on May 16th. Cinco de Mayo has molded into a day filled with songs, dances, and family gatherings to celebrate the rich Mexican and Hispanic culture.

National Teachers Day- celebrated on May 9th, gives you the perfect opportunity to tell a teacher/professor how much of an impact they have made in your life. A teacher is an individual who gives their life to help enrich yours, tell them thank you!

Mother’s Day- celebrated on May 12th this year, lands on the second Sunday of May each year. Use this day to celebrate your mom and all she has done to help you get to where you are today. Mother’s Day is not reserved for just one person, this is a day to celebrate any woman who has made an impact in your life in a motherly way.

Memorial Day- celebrated on May 27th this year, is a day we dedicate to all of our service men & women who have given their lives to protect our freedom and country. Most will celebrate this holiday by attending a parade or honoring and remembering those who have served, past and present.

Mark your calendars & plan something fun and memorable to do with your neighbors, your friends, and your family! School is almost out and the summer fun will begin before you know it.