Time is gold, especially for college students. There are responsibilities at home, school, and jobs that you need to simultaneously handle every single day. Despite how much you struggle, you only have 24 hours a day to do everything.

Planning and organizing ahead of time is one way to help you handle things better. Most importantly, you must manage your time more.

For this reason, we’ve compiled some time management tips for busy college students like you.

Plan Ahead Using a To-Do List

This is one of the best tips for time management in college. Identify what you need to do every day. You can group them based on what type of task it is: for school, home, and your job. You can also order them according to how you plan to do them consecutively.

Set time limits for each task to help you manage your time well, and you’ll be initially forced to follow this. Prioritize them according to their urgency. With a to-do list, you have a set plan for a day of what you need to do and when you need to do it.

The most important thing about this tip is your determination and ability to stick to your plan and list well.

Utilize Technology Properly

Make use of your phone to manage your time. You can set reminders and alarms on your phone to help stick to your schedule. You can also install applications that can help organize your tasks.

Aside from this, it’s important to stay off the internet. In most situations, when students open their laptops or phones, they get sidetracked. Some students end up scrolling through their social media accounts instead of actually doing their tasks. Control yourself from doing so to finish your tasks on time.

Balance Your Courses

Don’t focus all your time on specific subjects, especially to only those you like. Remember that you’re enrolled in multiple courses, so you need to balance your time among them. Schedule an unbiased study time for each and strictly follow it to make it a routine.

Take Breaks

Just because you have lots to do doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rest. Take breaks in between each task you need to do. For example, follow the Pomodoro technique where you take short breaks after focusing for a certain period of time. However, make sure to use them wisely, so you don’t slack off when it ends.

Start with Small Tasks

The mental, emotional, and physical tolls of having large tasks at hand is immense. It causes stress and anxiety even before you begin working. To combat this, start with the smallest tasks first — those that are quicker to finish. After this, gradually move on to larger tasks.


College is hard because there are a lot of things you need to finish. Then outside school, you still have home and job responsibilities. The best way to fulfill your duties in all of them is through time management. Follow the tips for managing time in college mentioned in this post to better manage your time.